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With the photoboxi photo booth, everyone wants to see their picture, especially when they're looking hot. this video will explain it all!

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from sunny california to the big apple the photoboxi photo booth is a huge hit at any event! it's an interactive crowd pleaser! hundreds of brands activate using our platform.

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photoboxi is available in hundreds of locations worldwide. contact us for a quote.

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photoboxi turns the a typical photo booth rental into a social party! Its streamlined, open air design attracts crowds by the masses. photoboxi users get free digital photos while advertisers effortlessly receive viral exposure as the users share thousands of photos embedded with their logo on social networks. advertisers receive a proof of performance report consisting of the number of photos taken, users email data in microsoft excel format and social photo analytics which tracks where the users have shared the photos.

What is so Bloody Brilliant About Photoboxi?

Every once in a great while, an innovation comes along that seems so simple that people don't quite get it at first. Then, slowly but surely, companies begin to realize how the innovation serves their needs on so many levels and suddenly - critical mass, and everyone wants in. Well, guess what? Photoboxi and its creators have redefined product placement and are driving consumer exposure with . . . the consumer's own desire to share their experiences with their friends.

Ok, that's plenty dry but check out what Photoboxi does. All humans are driven by some fundamental emotional needs. One of the most powerful human motivations is to feel important, to feel seen, to tell our own story, and to be part of a group. To put it simply, we are driven to take pictures of ourselves.  And the more exciting the event or occasion, the more we take pictures and post them. You're at a concert with your friends, what do you do? Take photos and post them. You're at Magic Mountain or Disneyland, what do you do? Take photos and post them. If you're lucky enough to run into a celebrity at a movie premier? Oh, you're posting that one all over the place. This is the engine that drives Photoboxi marketing.

So what does Photoboxi do? Photoboxi provides an elegant exciting photo station where people can take pictures of themselves . . . for free! The photo station itself has the brand or logo above and below the photo touch screen. When the person or group takes a photo, they simply enter their email to receive the photo on their phone or to post it to Facebook, Twitter or to any of the ubiquitous social media sites. The Photoboxi software stores the email and contact information (if opted in) for the company that rented the station. And each time the person shares the photo; the brand or company's logo is in a strip along the bottom of the photo. Again, think about context. At any conference, a station can be rented and used to drive traffic by your company's booth. At any conference, your company's name will be associated with hundreds or even thousands of people's fun photo moment with their friends. At any concert, movie premier, beach party, burning man, political rally – anywhere people get together and act like people, Photoboxi converts human social behavior into a multitude of brand exposures.

Internet marketing is good at generating numbers but not necessarily good at converting to concrete brand exposure. Personal experience is the most powerful motivator but is difficult to create in large numbers. Photoboxi has captured the strength of the personal experience with the huge numbers possible with the Internet. for photo booth rental information, contact us at 310-598-6100 in Los Angeles.


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